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Welcome to Our School 
Welcome to Our School


A very warm welcome to Sandwood Primary School.

Our school has an extremely nurturing environment where our pupils are made to feel happy, safe and included. We work hard to create a positive, inspiring and 'no limits' learning environment where our children are encouraged to meet their potential and to fully participate in all aspects of school life.

Sandwood Language and Communication Resource is located within our building and we are committed to providing positive wider experiences for our all our pupils.

We pride ourselves in close partnership working with our families and the local community. We have an active Parent Council/Forum who support a wide variety of school events.

We look forward to learning and growing together.

Kind regards

Fiona Donnelly




Latest News 
Latest News




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Digital Home Learning- Seesaw / IT survey



We will commence using Seesaw as a whole school approach to Digital learning week beginning 21st September.


We hope families are having success setting it up this week, any issues please get in touch.


This platform was used very successfully during lockdown as a main method of home learning and communication at that time, however it  will now be used to support home learning in conjunction with on-going school work.


Therefore the following procedures will be in place:


Home Learning Tasks

Home learning will be issued on a Tuesday and due for return the following Monday.


Staff would usually not then feedback on home learning until the day it has been returned. Therefore please do not expect an instant response to home learning tasks posted to the teacher.



Whilst this is a great platform to communicate between home and school, please bear in mind that teachers are fully committed to providing high quality learning and teaching during the week.


Teachers will respond to communications however this will be during the hours of their working day. Therefore if you send a communication in the evening staff will not respond to it at this time.


In addition please allow 48hours for staff to respond to communications. If there is something of urgency you need to communicate please call the school.


IT Survey


To support the roll out of the use of Seesaw across the school, an IT survey will be issued to families today and we would welcome the return of this by Friday 18th September.




Fiona Donnelly

Head Teacher

Success & Achievements 
Success & Achievements





Vision, Values and Aims 
Vision, Values and Aims

Contact Details 
Contact Details
Sandwood Primary School

120 Sandwood Road


G52 2QY

Phone: 0141 883 8367

Instructions for accessing GLOW

Google GLOW login

Click on glow-sign in RM Unify (this will access Home page)

Type in glow email address eg gw14brownjohn

Password - sandwood (all lower case)

You will be prompted to change password - we suggest something your child will easily remember

Click the box - sign in with new password. If page does not load first time, please go back to Glow log in and sign in with new password.

Launch RM Unify and you will be on Sandwood Primary School Page.

Click app library - search apps and type in office.

Click on Mail tile - click add to my launch pad

To open the first time click on the mail tile and you will be prompted to save the correct time.

Scroll down to Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London +00

Click save

Your email should now be ready to use.

Feel free to browse through app library as there are lots of learning activities there.



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